Saturday, January 1, 2011


I had so much fun crafting with Nathan in December that I plan to dedicate each month to a color so that we can do crafts related to that color. Nathan needs to learn his colors and I want it to be fun.

January - Blue
February - Red
March - Green
April - Purple
May - Yellow
June - Pink
July - White
August - Black
September - Brown
October - Orange
November - Silver/Grey
December - Gold

We'll see how it goes.....

Nathan's Christmas Pics

Nathan was so small his first Christmas that we put him into a Christmas Stocking and took the Santa hat off of a teddy bear for him to wear. Born at 4lbs 2.9ozs on October 24th, his first Christmas was mainly just for the grown-ups since Josh is at an age where he only wants money.
When he was one he was terrified of Santa.
 But this year at age 2 he loved all the Christmas celebrations and couldn't get enough of Santa.