Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am really bad at this blogging thing.... I have let way to much time go by without updating; so so much has happened in the past few months.

My husband and I have a new home!! The other home fell through so we applied for a home loan and qualified. We had a list of things we wanted in a home and luckily we found the PERFECT home for us and it has everything on our list.
1) 4 or 5 bedrooms
2) 3 + bathrooms
3) big backyard for Nathan and our little doggies
4) zoned for a specific school
5) in our current church ward (we were willing to forgo this listed item but didn't have to)
We feel that the Lord really had a hand in this move because I was given a calling in our ward less than a month of finding this house. It is a 5 bedroom/4 bath home 2300 + sq. ft. on a 6000 + sq. ft. lot; in the ward and in the school zoned boundaries we wanted. We are TRULY blessed!!

We were always the ones in the family who needed all the help to get by and now we feel as if we have the means to help our loved ones. We love our new home and our new life!!!