Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 Days of Valentine's

I've come across a lot of blogs that uses the "12 Days of Christmas" to pattern a similar activity for their special someone for Valentine's. "14 Days of Valentine's." Simply choice a chore, treat, or activity to do for your spouse or boyfriend each day in February up until Valentine's Day. I'm not always the lovey type with my husband of ten years this April so for me to do this fun and new thing for him will be unexpected and appreciated. Here's some suggestions:
1. Give them breakfast in bed.
2. Print them off a handmade coupon for a back massage.
3. Cook a special dinner for a boyfriend or loved one.
4. Give someone a special a day of pampering.
5. Write a poem or a quote in honor of someone.
6. Clip the coupons from Sunday's paper and mail them in a card to a frugal shopper.
7. Create a drawing or painting that has special meaning.
8. Light a candle and run a warm bath for that special person.
9. Send an e-card or online greeting.
10. Print off information on a topic of interest to someone.
11. Pass along a family heirloom or something that has sentimental value.
12. Surprise someone with a picnic using food that you already have on hand.
13. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror using toothpaste or lipstick.
14. Make cookies or fudge and wrap them in tissue paper.
15. Send an e-mail that lists out the reasons why they are special or why you love them.
16. Pick them up a free kitten or free puppy.
17. Give them an old photograph that has been tucked away for some time.
18. Create a hobby scrapbook with images, articles and tidbits about their favorite activity.
19. Create a gift voucher for one hour of doing whatever they want.
20. Give them a hug.
21. Give them a kiss.
I'm starting off  very simple indeed by leaving a sweet note for my husband in his car. He should see and read it in the morning as he heads off to work. I hope others will take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with their loved one as well. God bless our relationships.

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  1. What fun ideas. I will definitely have to use some of these. I am so glad you did some new post. I always look forward to reading what you and Nathan do:> You guys always give me good ideas for Miss Priss and bubba. Thanks Angel