Sunday, December 12, 2010

ABC's of Christmas

Better late than never. Right? Nathan and I do crafts all the time so when I saw how some of my friends were doing the ABC's of Christmas I too had to jump on the band wagon and participate. My list varies from some of the others but I've always been somewhat of an odd ball; putting my own spin on things. I hope you enjoy these craft ideas and activities that I share with my family. To get started I'm going to give the list but make separate blog post about each letter. Because I started so late I'm combining some things and doing more than one letter a day. FUN! FUN!

 ABC's of Christmas
  • A is for Angel
  • B is for Bells
  • C is for Christmas Candy
  • D is for Donations
  • E is for Elf
  • G is for Garland
  • H is for HO! HO! HO! and/or HUMBUG!
  • I is for Icing
  • J is for Jesus
  • K is for Kisses and Hugs
  • L is for Lights
  • M is for Manger
  • N is for Nativity
  • O is for Ornaments
  • P is for Pinwheel
  • Q is for Quiet Night (yeah right with a two year old)
  • R is for Rudolph/Reindeer
  • S is for Snowman
  • T is for Tree
  • U is for Under the Tree
  • V is for Volunteer/Visit
  • W is for Wreath
  • X is for X-ray (somewhat of a stretch but you'll see)
  • Y is for Yule Log
  • Z is for Zero

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