Sunday, December 19, 2010

L is for Lights M is for Manger N is for Nativity

Lights. Well Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without lights. For weeks we have driven around and sought out homes with lights. The City of Henderson has judged 20 homes decorated for Christmas and we spent the evening driving around the route. Some where exciting while others not so much. However we aren't about to end our search for the greatest home yet. If and when we find it this year I will post a pic and comment about it.

M is for Manger
For manger Nathan and I did a craft of course. We discussed the importance of the manger on that faithful night that our Savior was born. Nathan carried the baby Jesus around the house for hours after.

N is for Nativity
While driving around looking at Christmas decorations and lights, we talked about the first Christmas and was sure to point out each and every Nativity scene. There were lots of different ones to view. Next year when Nathan is older we plan to elaborate more and discuss with more detail. Hopefully we will attend the Live Nativity put on by our church as well.

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