Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family Introductions

My husband's name is Gene. He is my best friend. He works at a local casino in the computer department. He is the go to guy for almost anything computer related. However, getting him to work on our computer is another story... But who can blame him. He works all day on computers so when he comes home he needs his down time. As long as I don't screw up our computer to bad we have nothing to worry about, 'cause he will fix things sooner or later. He grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, served a two year mission in France, and saved me from a life of sin. I was a wild, out of control women before he found me and introduced me to the Church. So as far as I'm concerned he saved my soul by pointing me toward the Lord's path.

Me, my name is Angel and I'm a happy mother of two boys. I have dedicated my life to serve the Lord and raise my children to believe in His love and mercy. Blah, Blah, Blah......Anyone can learn more about me the more I blog so I want to tell you about my boys now instead.

Josh is my oldest son. He was my only reason to live for so long, that I find it very difficult to let him grow up and become independent. I dread the day he leaves the home. He turned seventeen this year so he may not let me post much about him in my blog. He is the BEST kid EVER!!! Looking back on my teen years and the heck I put my family through makes Josh appear to be a SAINT. He is so well behaved. He has continued to maintain good grades in school. 3.2 GPA +. This is his Senior year and by the time he graduates he will almost have an AA degree at College of Southern Nevada. Afterward he will transfer to Nevada State College to earn his Bachelor’s Degree. He plans to be a High School history teacher. He loves sports and plans to coach football as well. The boy knows everything about football statistics. Although playing the game may be another story... His freshmen year he dislocated his left elbow, his sophomore year he dislocated his right wrist then fell on his cast and broke his right elbow. So three surgeries later and no more ball. He still plays with his friends in the park but not in school. I love bragging about Josh but it bothers him so I'll end my introduction of him now and hopefully he lets me brag some more some other time. = D

Nathan is my youngest. I will be blogging mostly about our activities together. He is an energetic two year old. My husband and I were married in 2001 and had difficulty getting pregnant; so Nathan is our miracle child. He was only 4 lbs. 2.9 oz. when he was born and we weren't even sure he would make it to term. But 37 weeks and here he is. I plan on being a hands on mom with Nathan. I just hope he grows up to be as good as Josh. Nathan idolizes Josh now and copies his every move. I will always have things to say about Nathan so I'll blog about him and I later.

Thank you for letting me talk about my husband and Josh now and we'll see if they allow me to blog about them again some time.

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