Sunday, December 12, 2010

A is for Angel

I enjoy doing crafts with Nathan that I can keep for a long long time. And the one that I did with him at Thanksgiving was one such craft, so I found a similar one to do for our Angel. A Hand Angel.
By tracing his feet and hands we created a keepsake that we can look back on and remember just how small or large his feet and hands were.

  • Trace feet placed together to create the body of your Angel. Trace each hand separately and cut them out.

  • I didn't have any poster board to trace the hand and feet so I used an old file folder. Because of the yellowish color of the folder Nathan painted the hand/wings white.

  • After painting Nathan sprinkled, no poured glitter on them.

  • While he had a field day with the glitter, I found a picture of him and cut his face out to use for the head of our Angel. I glued the head to a scrap piece of folder and cut it again. After gluing everything together this is the result.

    I'm including a picture of our Thanksgiving Turkey as well.

    Our poor turkey lost a leg... I'll have to fix that later. Well, Walla our ANGEL is done.

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