Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T is for Tree

I had so much fun making this craft. I found it on Disney Family.com.
Celebration Tie
You'll need:
1. Print the template and tape it onto green felt. Follow the template to cut the tree and knot from the green felt.
2. Place the tie-knot in front of you with the wider end at the top.
3. Glue the tip of the Christmas tree at the center of the tie-knot.

4. Fold over each end of the tie-knot and secure with glue.

5. Glue on the pin and let dry.

6. When dry, flip the tie over and glue on embellishments like pom-poms or sequins.
7. Pin the tie to your shirt and celebrate the holiday season!

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  1. So this is the tie you were telling me about. how cute is this?!?! I love it!